Watch: Jeff Zhang’s Blissful ‘A Year in Film 2022’ Video Retrospective |

Watch: Jeff Zhang’s Blissful ‘A Year in Film 2022’ Video Retrospective

by Alex Billington
March 13, 2023
Source: YouTube

A Year in Film 2022

“What if it I told you… in about an hour, you’ll leave here… different.” Cinema can move, inspire, or change us. Better late than never, as they always say. We may already be well into 2023, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy another look back at the movies of 2022! Film critic Jeff Zhang (who runs the website Strange Harbors) put together this fantastic “A Year in Film 2022” movie trailer mashup retrospective, featuring clips from many of last year’s movies. We also featured Jeff’s video from last year – his editing is always on-point in capturing the moods and themes of so many great films from the previous year. “It was an absolute delight to journey through the year’s cinema, and I hope you’ll join me as I take you through 2022 one more time. With feeling.” I’m so happy to see Payakan getting a big moment in this! Payakan rules! It’s also nice to see footage from Decision to Leave, Athena, Nope, Crimes of the Future, Bones and All, and many others (that didn’t win any awards this year) in this. A final look back at 2022’s movies just after the Oscars. Enjoy.

A Year in Film 2022

A Year in Film 2022

Thanks to Twitter for the tip. Intro from Zhang on YouTube: “I’m late as usual, but I spent more time than ever on my annual passion project edit: A Year in Film. It took over 75 hours of work across three months, but it’s finally done and — for the first time — in 4K. After two-plus years floundering in the pandemic, it seems that the film industry is finally regaining its legs. This year, Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water blasted off, the Daniels’ multiverse-hopping stunner Everything Everywhere All at Once was the sleeper hit of the year, and old masters in their late eras such as Steven Spielberg and David Cronenberg returned in top form.” A Year in Film 2022 – A Movie Trailer Mashup is edited & created by Jeffrey Zhang – who also runs the site Strange Harbors, a blog about movies, TV, and pop culture. You can also follow Jeff on Twitter @strangeharbors or follow his YouTube channel. I also recommend enjoying Sleepy Skunk’s 2022 Trailer Mashup as well as David Ehrlich’s 25 Best Films Countdown. What were your 2022 favorites?

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