Watch: Indian Family’s Tesla Model S Explodes After EV’s Battery Catches Fire In US

Electric vehicle fires in places with hot climates have become a fairly common occurrence. The cars of the world’s biggest EV manufacturer, Tesla, have not been untouched by the problem. In the past, there have been cases showing the Tesla EVs catching fire. Repeating the same last month, an Indian-origin living in Sacramento, California in, USA, the family was caught in an accident after their Tesla Model S caught fire, leading to an explosion. The incident was caught on camera and was shared on social media.

The video of the incident recorded by the fire department shows the car bursting into flames. Furthermore, dark smoke billowing out of the car can easily be seen while flames emerge from underneath the car. Later on, the fire underneath the vehicle increases, engulfing the whole car. After a while, the flame leads to an explosion spitting flames on the side of the Tesla Model S.

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According to the fire department, the car spontaneously caught fire as it was moving on the motorway. A total of 6000 gallons (2,300 litres) of water were used to put out the fire. ThThe fire brigade raised the car, and water was sprayed directly onto the vehicle’s floor-mounted battery. This is Tesla’s recommended reaction to the Model S battery fire, the department claims.

Driver Sunit Mayall spoke with the local media about her experience. She states that she pulled over to the side of the road after hearing popping sounds from underneath the vehicle. She became aware that the car was on fire. With her brother in the passenger seat, she pulled over the automobile and fled from it. In the video, he claims that they attempted contacting Tesla but have not yet received a response from the US-based EV manufacturer.

It is to be noted that electric vehicle batteries are prone to fire depending on the climate and use of the vehicle. Last year, India saw multiple cases of EV fire prompting the government to establish contact with the manufacturers to deal with the problem.

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