Three Pines: Prime Video cancels the series led by Alfred Molina after only one season

The Alfred Molina-led murder mystery series Three Pines is being canceled by Prime Video after an eight-episode run.

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Less than 24 hours after one of Hollywood’s most significant celebrations of the year, Prime Video announced Three Pines is canceled. The Canadian-set series starring Alfred Molina, inspired by Canadian author Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series of novels, lasted for one entire season, consisting of eight episodes.

“We are proud of the work done on the series and the opportunity to work with great partners,” a representative for Prime Video told Variety in an email.

During the eight-episode run, Three Pines shared four murder mysteries set in and around a fictional Quebec village called Three Pines. Alfred Molina plays Inspector Armand Gamache, Rossif Sutherland plays Jean-Guy Beauvoir, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers as Isabelle Lacoste, Sarah Booth as Yvette Nichol, Anna Tierney as Clara Morrow, Julian Bailey as Peter Morrow, Tanto Cardinal as Bea Mayer, and Marie-France Lambert as Reine-Marie, among others.

Unfortunately, the series ends on a cliffhanger, with Molina’s Inspector Armand Gamache in imminent danger and his team scrambling to come to his aid. Fans will have to read the books to know how things turn out.

“It has been difficult to process the news that there will be no second season of #ThreePines,” Tailfeathers wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to everyone who watched and supported the show. It meant the world to me knowing that this show resonated with such a massive global audience. As an Indigenous actor, I never thought I’d have the opportunity to be the leading woman on a #1 show like this. It was huge. Our stories matter and this show demonstrated that audiences, regardless of background, are hungry for Indigenous content.”

“Thank you for all the overwhelming messages about ‘Three Pines.’ I know there’s a lot of disappointment that the show won’t be returning, and I’m sad for the wonderful cast, crew and fans,” Showrunner Emilia di Girolamo wrote on Instagram. Girolamo left the production after the first season wrapped to work on another project.

“I was not involved in the conversations and negotiations around renewal but I have been told Left Bank, Sony & Prime Video all wanted to bring the show back but were unable to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.”

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