Pawan Kalyan’s ‘army-like’ election campaign vehicle lands actor-politician in trouble? Check pics

Actor-Politician Pawan Kalyan is well known for his acting and movies. Moreover, the actor is also famous for his ‘rowdy’ lifestyle on and off the screen. Recently, one the actor turned politician got into trouble for his one such ‘rowdy’ vehicle that he used in the election campaign. Pawan Kalyan, the president of the Jana Sena Party, unveiled a vehicle called ‘Varahi’ for the election campaign. Following this, on Thursday, Andhra Pradesh Additional Transport Commissioner Prasad Rao stated that Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan is not permitted to drive the olive green vehicle.

Andhra Pradesh Additional Transport Commissioner Prasad Rao on Thursday said that Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan is not supposed to use the olive green colour vehicle. The Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan unveiled a vehicle named `Varahi` for the election battle.

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“Varahi` is ready for Election Battle!,” Tweeted Pawan Kalyan sharing a video and a picture of the vehicle. Prasad Rao said that according to the Central Vehicle Act, olive green colour should not be used for any private vehicle except for Army personnel.

“I have seen a few photos and videos of Pawan Kalyan`s campaign vehicle on social media platforms as well as in media. In those photos, we can see the vehicle is olive green. I don`t know whether or not Pawan Kalyan will keep the same colour or change it,” said state Additional Transport Commissioner Prasad Rao.

He further added that before purchasing, one should know whether it is for a goods vehicle or a passenger vehicle. If it is a transport vehicle, it should not be converted into a goods vehicle, if it is a goods vehicle, it should not be converted into a camp van.

“On the day of registration, the body, height, and width of the vehicle will be checked, whether it is suitable or not, and we have to check where the vehicle would be registered. If the vehicle comes for registration, we will definitely object to it and verify it. The vehicle registration rules throughout India are the same,” said the state Additional Transport Commissioner.

(With inputs from ANI)

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