Machete Kills Again… In Space: Robert Rodriguez says they “have to” make the movie

Robert Rodriguez has admitted that they’re going to have to make Machete Kills Again… in Space due to fan demand

Sixteen years ago, directors Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino teamed up to bring us the awesome double feature Grindhouse – which consisted of not just Rodriguez’s movie Planet Terror and Tarantino’s movie Death Proof, but also several faux trailers made by the likes of Eli Roth, Edgar Wright, Rob Zombie, and Rodriguez himself. Roth’s faux trailer was for the slasher Thanksgiving, which is finally happening as a full feature. Rodriguez’s faux trailer was for the action movie Machete, which became a feature in 2010, and did well enough that a sequel titled Machete Kills followed in 2013. Machete Kills also had a faux trailer in it, one for another Machete sequel: Machete Kills Again… in Space. And since that faux trailer promised our hero Machete would return, fans have been clamoring for that sequel to happen for ten years now. Speaking at the SXSW film festival, Rodriguez admitted that they’re going to “have to” actually make Machete Kills Again… in Space one of these days.

Rodriguez said, “I put a fake trailer for that on Machete 2 to kind of satisfy (fans). ‘Okay, this is pretty much what it would look like, but you can see it in two minutes rather than two hours.’ And it never satisfies them, so we have to do it. But you know, the original was just a fake trailer on Grindhouse. … (Fans) would bug us for years, ‘When’s that movie coming out?’ I said, ‘It was a fake trailer.’ ‘No, but it looked real! When is it coming out?’ So we gotta make it for them. It wasn’t meant to be a film, the audience just wanted it. So we have to give it to them. When someone wants something that bad, we never had that with any movie before. Now everyone’s still ‘Machete in Space!’ You can’t give ’em enough.

Deadline posted Rodriguez’s Machete Kills Again… in Space comments on Twitter:

Machete and Machete Kills star Danny Trejo has been saying for years that he wants to make Machete Kills Again… in Space. A few years ago, he said the sequel was “bogged down in bullshit” and that he would produce and direct it himself if Rodriguez doesn’t “get off his buns” and get it into production. So it sounds like we’re going to get Machete Kills Again… in Space someday, someway. Hopefully that day isn’t too much further away. Trejo is going to turn 79 years old in 2023, it’s about time he gets another chance to wield his machetes.

Machete Danny Trejo

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