Lake Bell Explained Why She’s A “Better” Parent After Drinking Cannabis Beverages

You know Lake Bell. But do you know Lake Bell…on weed???

Her kids definitely do — at least, according to some comments she gave at a panel sponsored by the cannabis drinks brand Cann (via People).

During the panel, Lake said that she “can’t get through the holidays without” cannabis — and that she’s found that it improves her parenting skills, too.

“I am straight up a better parent when I’m just two Canns in,” Lake said. “I’m, like, on their level.”

Yes, Lake’s comments sound suspiciously like spon — like, “two Canns”? Who the hell says that unless they’re, like, at an event sponsored by Cann? But it does also sound like she really does enjoy getting stoned and being around her kids.

“I’m just like, ‘That is a fucking crazy dinosaur!'” Lake explained while taking the audience on a journey into her deeply stoned mind.

“Like, ‘Let’s get on the ground right now and be fucking crazy dinosaurs, let’s open some presents. Fuck it.’ I become literally a kid.”

I mean, sounds fun — but I’m staying out of taking a side on this one; it’s none of my business. Feel free to go off in the comments, though.

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