Kris and Jeymi Postpone Wedding Ahead of Emergency Trip Home: Is History Repeating Itself?

On this weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, things took a turn for the worse for Kris and Jeymi.

They didn’t have a fight. It wasn’t a personal issue. Essentially, it was very bad luck. And bad timing.

First, Kris might have to return to Alabama … just in time to move the wedding date. Second, a flare-up of her chronic pain shows how vital her eventual spinals surgery might become.

But all of this brings back painful memories for Jeymi.

As their portion of the episode began, Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera were in good spirits. They were furniture shopping.

We have seen couples break down over disagreements about decor on this franchise. Thankfully, though these two have different tastes, neither of them seem to be steamrolling over the other.

Right now, their apartment is a little … desolate. A bit ironic for their home to resemble something that you’d find on a “male living space” blog, so they need nightstands and stuff.

But Kris also has to share some bad news. And, given that production often asks the cast to hold these talks in interesting places (or every conversation would happen in a living room), Kris figured that there’s no time like the present.

Her mom messaged her. Prosecutors want her to come home to Alabama to testify against a motorcycle thief.

Kris was the victim. The $50,000 motorcycle that the thief stole was a treasured possession that she received from her late father. She wants the guy to go to prison for this, but the timing is bad. …

How bad? Try on their wedding date bad. Kris will only have to be gone for a few days, but her return date might be their wedding date.

Obviously, Kris wants to put this thief behind bars. This was a massive personal and financial theft. But at what cost?

The real kicker may be that authorities had previously told Kris that she wouldn’t need to testify. Clearly, something changed.

Jeymi teared up at the thought of Jeymi having to leave so soon — especially just days after arriving, and especially for their wedding. They’d have to adjust the wedding date on extremely short notice.

There was more to it than that. As Jeymi noted, Kris had once ghosted her on her birthday. It turns out that it was ahead of a visit, and Jeymi fears history repeating itself.

Kris spoke to the camera about how she had avoided Jeymi’s “neediness.” They both put it behind them, but clearly, this news is dredging up old fears for Jeymi.

Unfortunately, Jeymi is not the only one with old wounds. A pair of devastating car accidents has left Kris with serious spinal injuries.

She suffers from chronic pain. Sometimes, it flares up. Jeymi knew this ahead of Kris’ visit to Colombia.

One day, Kris may have to have surgery to repair her spine. Otherwise, pain and a loss of mobility will only increase.

Whether it was a change in climate or a result of her plane ride, Kris has found that her pain is increasing since coming to Colombia.

The two had to cancel plans for an outing as a result of her debilitating pain.

Back at home, Jeymi found a doctor who makes house calls to come and examine Kris.

He prescribed meds that he hopes will help, but it is not a cure. One day, Kris will need the surgery — even though she will have to keep her head in a metal brace the screws into her skull for many months of recovery.

If not, then her alternative will simply be to live with the pain.

This could be a long-term challenge for her and for their marriage. For now, though, we just hope that Kris is feeling better.

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