Gwendlyn Brown Calls Out Kody for Double Standards, Being a Coward

Last week, Gwendlyn Brown’s reaction video to Sister Wives Season 17 included new details about tensions with Robyn’s kids.

This week, it was time to go over the episode in which her own mom said goodbye.

Christine’s departure elicited tears from some, discomfort from others. Oh, and accusations of “betrayal” from Kody.

Now, Gwendlyn has responded to all of it — and is calling out her dad for his massive double standards.

Gwendlyn Brown posted another reaction video this week, this time responding to the Sister Wives episode in which her mother says her goodbyes to the family. Meanwhile, we’re all about that art on the table behind her. (Image Credit: YouTube)

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: if you’re not watching Gwendlyn’s YouTube channel, you’re missing some killer commentary and new tidbits.

(Oh, and she recently received verification on YouTube — they even mailed her a certificate)

While commenting on this particular episode, Gwendlyn discussed her father — citing that he has “a lot of double standards.”

Kody Brown looks pretty angry in this scene from a Season 17 Sister Wives episode.

Specifically, she was discussing Kody’s approach to different relationships.

Kody claimed that Janelle Brown (who is now another ex of his) tends to sweep their problems under the metaphorical rug.

But Gwendlyn could not help but observe that this is totally what Kody has done with her own mom, Christine.

Christine Brown recalls the moment that she knew that her now 21-year-old daughter was not heterosexual while speaking to the confessional camera on Sister Wives. (Image Credit: TLC)

During the episode itself, Kody recalled that Christine has called him a “coward.” And she was right.

“I’ve been a little cowardly,” he admitted. But it was not a statement in service of Christine.

“Maybe I should have told her that I didn’t like her,” Kody then said.

Kody Brown looks quite displeased in this photo. And we love it!

Gwendlyn’s jaw understandably dropped in response.

“But,” Kody continued, “what I didn’t do was … I didn’t quit.”

If you’re thinking that it’s better to quit a miserable situation that will not have any payoffs than to continue to suffer, you’re not alone.

Gwendlyn Brown explains it all on her latest recap and commentary for Sister Wives. Awww, you can see what looks like the remnants of her Valentine’s Day behind her! (Image Credit: YouTube)

“I think it’s more cowardly to be in a relationship where you don’t love somebody,” Gwendlyn then commented.

She continued: “than it is to leave instead of experiencing heartbreak.”

Obviously, different relationships and circumstances can vary. But Gwendlyn isn’t wrong — especially when describing her own parents.

Christine Brown has a lot to think about. This is a photo from Episode 2 of Sister Wives Season 17.

Kody had another bone to pick about Christine during the episode. He griped about her display of independence. Which … yeah, that was pretty weird.

“What’s she supposed to do if she’s not independent?” Gwendlyn asked. “He has three other wives.”

She went on, wondering: “What’s she supposed to do? Just sit in the corner and braid her hair?”

Again, we recommend watching the reaction video in full.

One of the highlights for us, personally, was hearing Gwendlyn joke that, in another universe, Christine and Janelle are in love rather than just very good friends who share an ex.

Those of us who have made similar comments about our own mothers were really vibing with that. Christine and Janelle’s friendship deepened after Christine left Kody, and fans have loved seeing it.

In addition to responding to the Sister Wives episode, Gwendlyn Brown also answered fan questions — confirming that her mother is first cousins with the father of some of Gwendlyn’s siblings. Life is complex like that. (image Credit: YouTube)

Additionally, Gwendlyn responded to fan questions.

She confirmed that Christine is first cousins with Robyn’s ex, who is the biological father of Robyn’s oldest children. Gwendlyn learned this in high school.

Gwendlyn added that she referred to Aurora as her “biological” sister upon learning that, given their genetic link. Cute!

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