Fashion Designer Calls Out Asian Doll For Ghosting Her After She Created A Custom Birthday Gown For The Rapper (Exclusive Details)

Oop! A Memphis-based Fashion designer, Caila Abdul, is calling out Asian Doll for going ghost on her after she created a custom birthday gown. Caila took to her social media to share an exchange of messages between her and the rapper. She even showed footage of the custom silver gown. We spoke to Caila exclusively to get more details about the situation!

While Caila is a new designer, she admits that she didn’t receive any payment from the “Queen Of Drill” due to not having proper policies to receive compensation. The designer tells us materials alone for the gown amounted to nearly $1,000. When asking her why she didn’t take a deposit, she shared,

“I know I should have. I’m still a super new designer, and normally when people come to me, or I come to them, they pay after, especially when it’s such a rushed thing.”

She also added that at one point, she offered the gown in exchange for promotion. Caila revealed that what hurts the most about this situation is that her dress design was stolen.

“She (Asian Doll) stole my dress design. That made me more sad because I would’ve given it to her. She didn’t have to take it.”

While Asian hasn’t responded to Caila’s claims, an New York City stylist also called Asian out for allegedly not fulling an invoice from over a year ago! Gabriel Held Vintage wrote,

“Not going to say too much… but I have an incomplete invoice for her from 2021. We all need to be taking payment information AND making sure it works before doing business.”

Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?! 

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