Aaron Carter’s Family Wants Singer’s 1-Year-Old Son Prince To His Inherit Estate – Perez Hilton

Aaron Carter’s relatives don’t want a nasty legal battle over his estate.

As we previously reported, the late singer died without a will – leaving his assets in the hands of the State of California to determine who will inherit everything. Legally speaking, Aaron and Melanie Martin’s 1-year-old son Prince Carter would most likely receive everything since the House of Carters alum was unmarried at the time of his death unless other family members decided to fight over the estate. Fortunately for the little one, that doesn’t seem to be the plan.

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Speaking with TMZ on Sunday, Aaron’s mother, Jane Carter, said the family has zero desire to fight over his wealth, which probate docs estimate is at $550,000 in real estate and personal property, and agreed the assets should go to Prince. The outlet noted that the mom “thinks Aaron would’ve wanted everything to go to his son, and the family doesn’t need the money.” This will certainly come as a sigh of relief for Melanie, who told Us Weekly that she didn’t “want any problems or stress over Aaron’s estate,” adding:

“I just want Prince to be taken care of and want Aaron’s legacy to live on … whoever wants to be in Prince’s life can be in Prince’s life.”

Speaking of which…

While Jane also told TMZ she and Aaron’s siblings have not met Prince yet, she hopes they eventually can have a relationship with the little one and Melanie. That part comes as a bit of a shock. Jane previously shared with the outlet that Melanie was NOT even invited to join the family in spreading Aaron’s ashes in the Florida Keys next Spring alongside his later sister Leslie Carter, who passed away from a drug overdose in 2012. In fact, an Us Weekly source also said Melanie wouldn’t be receiving any of the rapper’s remains but will hold her own service since she wasn’t being included in the family’s ceremony:

“Since they are not inviting her to the memorial to spread his ashes, she is going to have her own memorial for Aaron with her family, their son Prince and some of Aaron’s true friends.”

Perhaps, Jane has had a change of heart about forming a relationship with Melanie moving forward? We’ll have to see what happens with the family moving forward. For now, though, it seems everyone agrees about doing what’s best for Prince moving forward! Reactions? Let us know in the comments.

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